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We provide translations produced by native speakers with experience in the relevant subject area. The translations match the source text in content, form and style.

Take advantage of our team's language skills.
Take advantage, too, of our very competitive rates (ex EURO 0,60 per line), which are graduated based on level of difficulty and amount of work required.

As well as translations, we also offer a variety of other services: We do proofreading, we can make telephone calls for you, and we can handle your international negotiations.

We will deal with all of your documents in complete confidence.

However, before we carry out a job for you, we do need your address and telephone number.

If you would like to send us your original text as an e-mail attachment, we would be happy to send you a firm proposal for the translation. Alternatively, please refer to our price list.

Please send us an e-mail: mail@westboxx.co.uk

Phone +49 8807 310
Fax +49 8807 8953
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