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Terms and Conditions
All translations match the original in content, style and form. The customer is not entitled to expect any improvements to be made to these aspects of the text in the course of the translation. Translations are based exclusively on the original texts provided by the customer, taking into account any background information that is also provided.
If a fixed fee is not agreed, the customer is deemed to have agreed to the prices in the Price list. Unless otherwise agreed, completed translations and corresponding invoices are sent to the customer by e-mail as Word files, or by fax. Invoices and translations are sent together. All invoices are payable in full by bank transfer within 10 calendar days of date of dispatch. In the event of late payment, 1% interest is applied to outstanding balances at the start of each calendar month. Until payment is received in full, all work remains the property of Westboxx and may not be utilised in any way.
No warranties are given nor any liability accepted in respect of the completeness or accuracy of any translation.
Translations that have been put into use, or in respect of which no objections are raised within 8 days of dispatch, are deemed to have been accepted by the customer as error-free.
All complaints must be made and justified within 8 days of dispatch of the translation. If there are justifiable grounds for complaint, the customer must allow a reasonable time for errors to be corrected. No reduction or waiver of costs, nor any measures to have the work done elsewhere, will be entertained if the customer has not given the contractor sufficient opportunity to make improvements.
Any of the customer's terms that are at variance with these terms and conditions are applicable only if Westboxx has expressly agreed to them prior to acceptance of the commission. The place of execution and jurisdiction shall be the city in which the contractor is based, unless otherwise determined for mandatory legal reasons.

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